Money-saving Shipping Solutions to be a Hot Topic at CMTS 2013

Posted by Tania

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada (September 26, 2013) –  FlagShip, one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping solutions, will be exhibiting at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) September 30 to October 3, in an effort to share their money-saving shipping services with small business members of the auto part and manufacturing industries.

Saving money is definitely a hot topic for trade show attendees.  FlagShip will demonstrate how they would make an ideal shipping partner for these types of businesses, just as they have partnered with other companies in the same industries, with great success.

Why are they a great solution for small to mid-sized businesses?  Typically, auto parts and manufacturing parts are heavy in nature and expensive to ship to other locations.  FlagShip’s shipping rates become more and more competitive as weights increase, meaning that these types of shippers can take advantage of huge discounts with FlagShip.

“In today’s economy, every business is looking for ways to save, without compromising quality or failing to meet commitments.  At CMTS, FlagShip can really connect with some of these businesses, show them what we can do for them, and start building relationships that will lead to long-term success in their respective industries,” says FlagShip president, Howard Kruger.

This will be FlagShip’s first appearance at the CMTS, a trade show known for its high-level technical sessions and keynote presentations from industry experts.  At this show, businesses learn about the latest technology, equipment, lean practices and management strategies for the manufacturing industry.  Partners like FlagShip can play a big role in these companies’ successes, and CMTS is a great place for them to come together.

About FlagShip 

As one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping solutions, FlagShip works closely with leading courier companies such as UPS, Purolator and FedEx.  Discounted rates are negotiated and passed on to the customer, allowing them to take advantage of savings and service offerings.  FlagShip specializes in working with and helping small and mid-sized businesses with their shipping needs.