Shipping Carrier Reliability Over the Years

When shipment issues happen, let us remember where courier services started and how much they have improved over the years.

Shipping Carrier Reliability Over the Years

Posted by Tania

Every shipper at one time or another has experienced a problem with the delivery of their shipment: such as a delay, lost shipment, damaged packaging, returned delivery, and so on. And as luck should have it, this typically happens with “THE MOST” urgent shipment. When such shipment issues happen, let us remember where courier services started and how much carrier reliability has improved over the years.

Let’s go back many years, the Canadian courier service we know today started in the mid-60’s mostly for banking needs. With shipping carriers such as Purolator and Loomis, they offered additional services to corporate companies and extended their delivery territories throughout Canada. It was an alternative to the Canada Post services.

Overtime customer needs increased and technology became mandatory to stay ahead in the market. Eventually American courier companies emerged in the Canadian market –  in the 90’s – offering a different level of service that changed the courier industry forever. They also were able to cover a large part of the country with concentration mostly in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

At this time, most of sorting was done manually, using courier terminal codes as a location indicator. Soon everyone realized that using the Canada Post postal code system would be more efficient and precise, decreasing sorting error and delays.

In the 90′s, 94% of deliveries were on-time. Today, courier companies are maintaining over 98% on-time deliveries, having peaks over 99% which has resulted in a large increase in carrier reliability. But even with the best equipment, innovations, experience, there are still so many factors that can delay a delivery (such as bad weather, road construction, road closure, accidents).

Today we can say that courier companies do a fantastic job and have great services. But as a wise shipper, always try to keep an extra day for your delivery, just in case!

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