FlagShip API

If you have a custom-built eCommerce website, the FlagShip API can take integration with your online store to the next level. Get started for FREE today and you’ll get access to discounted rates on shipping services from leading couriers like Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS. The FlagShip API gives you complete customization of your online store’s shipping functions: provide accurate prices in real time, customize the options you want to offer your customers, upload shipping data automatically from your online store, instantly process shipments, print labels, manage pickups and more!

Sign-up for your free FlagShip account then use the FlagShip API to connect to your store:

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Here’s how to get started:
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Step 1:
Get the API documentation

If you don’t already have a FlagShip account, create yours now for FREE. Work with your web developer to install the API on your eCommerce website. Connect it to your FlagShip account, and you’re ready to receive orders.

Shopify Step 2: Configure
Step 2:
Configure Shipping Options

The FlagShip API is modular giving you the flexibility to choose the couriers and services you want to offer. With help from your programmer you can add only the functionality you want or add it all. You can link your online store directly to real-time shipping rates to provide the most accurate prices. Don’t forget to incorporate your own handling fee into your shipping costs!

Shopify Step 3: Process Shipments
Step 3:
Process Shipments – Instantly!

Once your shipping parameters are set, you’re ready to receive orders. When a transaction is completed in your online store, all data can be automatically uploaded to the FlagShip shipping system with a single click. You have the control to process shipments instantly, print shipping labels and manage pickups right from your store.

Get started now

Sign-up for your free FlagShip account then use the FlagShip API to connect to your store:

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Shipping is easy when you have great support

If adding a robust shipping solution like FlagShip to your eStore sounds intimidating, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Contact our developers or our live customer support for any of your shipping needs, from start to finish: whether you need help installing and configuring the FlagShip API, or assistance resolving delivery problems on a customer order. We’ll stick with you until we reach a solution. Dependable support is part of our commitment to making eCommerce shipping easy.

For technical support during the integration process, email us at developers@flagshipcompany.com. For help with shipping call us at 1-866-320-8383 or email support@flagshipcompany.com

Enhance your online store with these eCommerce Services

When you use the FlagShip API for your online store, you also get access to FlagShip’s customer pleasing eCommerce services:

Discount Courier Services
Get discounted rates that can save your eCommerce store up to 70% on your shipping costs within Canada, to the U.S. and international.
Optimal Packaging Finder
Enter your product information and automatically choose the best box size to generate the most accurate shipping quote.
Five reasons why FlagShip’s discount shipping solution is right for your eCommerce store!
Instant Rates

Instant discounted shipping rates from trusted couriers encourage purchase decisions

Live Rates

Fixed shipping rates help you improve your cost control

Automatic Data Upload

Transaction data automatically uploaded to the FlagShip online shipping system saves you time and hassle

Manage From Anywhere

Manage your shipping from anywhere, in the office or on the road

Professional Shipping

Professional, reliable shipping makes your customers happy

Get started with the FlagShip API now:

Don’t forget to sign-up for your free FlagShip account before using the API!

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