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Freight LTL Services

Easy solutions for Freight LTL shipments

When your shipment is too large to travel via courier, FlagShip’s Freight LTL services can arrange for less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) skid shipments.  

No shipment is too big or too small, and we cover all of Canada and the USA. 

Our Freight LTL services include:

  • Rail and expedited truck shipments
  • Intra-city, cross-Canada and cross-border shipping into and from the USA
  • Overseas freight
  • In-house insurance available at discounted rates 
  • Over 20,000 carriers for freight services 
  • We’ll prepare the Bill of Lading and track your shipment daily until delivery is completed – a full, comprehensive freight service solution for your business. 
  • Make one payment for all your shipping activities – including courier and freight on your consolidated FlagShip invoice 
  • FlagShip’s logistic experts are always just a phone call away. Our superior support will provide your business with peace-of-mind for all of your shipping needs. Contact our logistics support now. 
Freight Logistics

Get a quote for your freight LTL shipment

You can send a quote request for an LTL or FTL shipment through the FlagShip online shipping system – just go to the  Freight Quote option in the Freight & Logistics  menu in the system. If you do not have a FlagShip account, simply create one for free, in just seconds.

Or you can email to connect with a FlagShip logistics expert right away. 

TIP: when considering LTL, LCL, FTL or Airfreight there is information that’s extremely important to have on hand for. See our checklist to help you out. 

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Contact us for more information on our freight services!

Logistic and Freight Service FAQs

What does logistics mean? Is it different from LTL? 

Logistics refers to the global supply chain management.  Everything from the manufacturer to end receiver, which includes warehousing, trucking, rail, air, ocean, pick and packing. 

Yes, logistics is different from LTL.  LTL refers to the size of the shipment (less than a truckload).   

Does FlagShip ship to places other than Canada?  

Yes.  FlagShip is a Thirdparty reseller; we can ship anywhere in the world. 

Can my UPS account be used for clearance of a skidded shipment? 

No, your UPS account cannot be used for clearance for a freight shipment because the majority of accounts set up with UPS for clearance is through their small packages.  If you are shipping skids or something too large to go via courier, you will need to have your own customs broker.  

Why would I use FlagShip when I could go directly to a carrier? 

The number one reason is FlagShip is your onestop shop solution.  When it comes to freight shipments there is plenty to consider, the great news is that we do the bill of lading for you, we do the tracking and tracing,  and above all if there are any issues, we deal with it for youAs a business owner, you gain a knowledgeable partner that helps streamline your supply chain and stay on top of your consumer demand. 

What are accessorial charges? 

An accessorial charge is a fee added to a freight cost for any additional service that a carrier provides in order to make a standard delivery and/or pickup. They usually occur with LTL shipments and we always make sure to include these charges during the quoting process when we are made aware of them. Read our blog on the most common accessorial charges. 

For more information and quotes on Freight LTL or FTL Freight services, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-866-320-8383 or email us at