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Shipping Insurance

Why should I purchase shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance protects senders when parcels are lost, stolen or damaged in transit. Typically, the shipping carrier’s maximum liability for uninsured package(s) is $100.00 CAD. When you ship items valued higher than $100.00 CAD, it’s important to consider purchasing additional insurance to guarantee you receive the full reimbursement should you need to make a claim. Shipping insurance can be expensive, which is why FlagShip offers our own in-house insurance at the best rates in the industry. Give yourself the peace of mind that if anything happens to your shipment, you are covered without paying more than you need to.

Damaged Package
Stolen And Damaged Shipments

Does shipping insurance cover high-value and luxury goods?

Even if you ship high-value, luxury commodities such as jewelry, coins, watches or collectibles, FlagShip can provide you with the right coverage to protect your shipments. Our premium insurance gives you industry-best coverage at a great rate for all your shipping needs, including courier, logistics freight, and eCommerce shipments.

Do I really need shipping insurance?

In this video, we’ll answer some common questions about shipping insurance and show you just how easy and affordable it is to protect your shipments:

Why choose FlagShip for your shipping insurance?

Low Rates On Shipping Insurance

The lowest rates in the industry

Shipping insurance can get extremely expensive with prices of over $2.50/$100.00 CAD of insurance purchased. Just like our courier rates, we offer significant savings with rates starting at $1.25/$100.0 CAD.

Reimbursement For Damage, Lost Or Theft

Reimbursement for damage, loss or theft

Protect against financial loss with comprehensive coverage on the full value* of your shipment up to $60,000 CAD for courier shipments and $100,000 CAD for freight.**

*Less any applicable deductibles,**Reimbursement requires full documentation of the value of shipped goods

Shipping And Insurance Support

Personalized and proactive support

Our support team is responsive, knowledgable and always willing to go the extra mile. We proactively monitor your shipments and will contact you should any issues arise.

Insurance Claims Process

Hassle-free claims process

Should you need to file a claim, our customer service team will manage the entire process for you. Regardless of which shipping carrier used, there is only one number to call for any issues or questions; our customer service team is here to help, even after hours!

How much insurance do I need?

Our standard shipping insurance option is suitable for most needs, providing coverage of up to $15,000 CAD on courier and freight shipments. If you need to ship high-value or luxury goods, we provide premium coverage of up to $60,000 CAD on courier shipments and $100,000 CAD for freight.

Premium shipping insurance is applied to high-value and luxury goods, including:

Jewelry And Watches

Jewelry & watches

Coins, Antiques And Collectibles

Coins, antiques and collectibles

Architectural Materials

Architectural materials



Electronics And Cell Phones

Electronics & cell phones

Glass And Glassware

Glass & glassware

Let’s compare Standard vs. Premium shipping insurance:

Standard Insurance

Standard Insurance


Courier – up to $15,000 CAD
Freight – up to $15,000 CAD



Minimum charge: $4.95

Premium Insurance

Premium Insurance


Courier – up to $60,000 CAD
Freight – up to $100,000 CAD



Minimum charge: $6.00

It’s easy to add the right amount of insurance

All you need to do to insure your shipment with FlagShip is select the Insurance option when you start a new shipment in our online shipping system. You’ll be asked to tell us what you’re shipping and the value of your shipment. Our shipping system will automatically apply the right coverage for your needs from our standard or premium options. You’ll see your total cost, and you’re ready to ship with confidence!

Select The Insurance Option In Flagship'S Online Shipping System

Important information about your shipping insurance


There are no deductibles for standard insurance

Deductibles for premium insurance:

  1. For general approved merchandise, deductible of $150 CDN applies for each and every claim
  2. Ceramic tile, marble, granite, and other similar merchandise subject to a deductible of 5% of the insured value with a minimum of $600 CDN
  3. Glass, glassware and other similar fragile articles subject to a deductible of 5% of the insured value with a minimum of $600 CDN
  4. Wine, spirits and liquor in bottles subject to a deductible of 1% with a minimum deductible of $600 CDN
  5. Bagged Goods subject to a deductible of 0.5% with a minimum deductible of $600 CDN
  6. Artwork, whether fragile in nature or not, subject to a deductible of 1% with a minimum deductible of $600 CDN
    • Claims for artwork must be accompanied with current valued professional appraisal.

Standard insurance: non-insurable items

  • glass
  • liquids
  • fresh food (including fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry)
  • live plants
  • accounts
  • bills
  • deeds
  • evidences of debt
  • currency
  • bullion
  • securities
  • stamps
  • jewellery
  • furs
  • precious stones
  • fine arts,
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • alcoholic beverages
  • live stocks
  • mobile phones

Premium insurance: non-insurable items

  • Exclusions for freight : Plants, Flowers, Fresh Fruit/Vegetables, Meat, Cash, Bullion, Bonds, Treasury Notes, Securities, Manuscripts, Lottery Tickets, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Televisions, Surgical Medical Equipment, Ultrasound Machines, MRI machines, servers in racks or cabinets, ammunitions, guns/firearm.

Packaging and labelling requirements

  • No descriptions on packaging
  • On label – For example, for a diamond, use “Crystallized Carbon” and for jewelry, you can use “adornment or personal adornment or even fashion accessories”
  • Has to follow courier standards
  • Review the T&C for packaging


One of our shipping specialists would be happy to discuss your insurance needs.