Save Third-Party Shipping Information in FlagShip’s Shipping System

Posted by Tania

In FlagShip’s online shipping system, you have always been able to save client and supplier contact information in your address books – now you can to do the same for third-party shipping information. This FlagShip feature keeps all of your shipping addresses and information organized so you can save even more time!

What is a third party shipment?  A third party shipment is a shipment that is being paid by someone other than the shipper or the receiver. A $1.95 plus tax service fee will apply.

How to select a Third Party payment and save the address? When processing your third party shipment in FlagShip’s shipping system, once in the New Shipment screen, simply go to the Options section and choose the appropriate option from the Payment drop-down.  You will then be prompted to enter in all the third party billing information, including the account number for the courier that will be chosen.

When you are finished, you are now able to save the information in your system database by selecting the Save this address in your Address Book option. This will save the address entry along with the payer courier account number.

The next time you have a third party shipment, you will be able to select an address using the Address Book button in the upper right hand corner of the Payment section.

This is just another way that FlagShip helps save you time and effort in completing your shipments!

If you have any questions please contact FlagShip’s customer relations team toll-free at 866-320-8383 or email them at