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Do I Need A Customs Broker To Ship from US to Canada?

Posted by Charlene Hui

If you are new to importing shipments, you will have a lot of questions and one will be “do I need a customs broker to ship into Canada?”.

There is a simple answer. If your import shipment is valued over $20.00, a customs broker is required. Any shipment valued under $20.00 does not go through formal customs clearance procedures and so you would not need a customs broker to ship from the US to Canada.

As a FlagShip customer, we offer competitive UPS rates for import shipments. FlagShip not only offers low shipping rates but our customer service team is there every step of the way – from getting a quote, to any issues that may inevitably come up during customs clearance, all the way to the shipment being delivered to your recipient.

There are two ways to approach customs brokerage when shipping from the US to Canada:

  1. A customs broker via a courier: UPS has their own UPS Customs Brokerage service where they can clear their shipments to prevent any delays. Setting up a UPS Brokerage account is simple, just contact our customer service team and we will send you the required forms to complete.
  2. Your own customs broker: If you want to use your own customs broker, that is also an option! Just make sure to let us know so we can have it added into your file prior to the shipment to ensure that there are no delays in the clearing process.

We always suggest that all proper documents and information be included with the shipment (ex. Commercial invoice, CUSMA, etc) so that the import shipment goes smoothly. For more tips on preparing your international shipment, click here.

If importing shipments seem confusing, do not hesitate to contact us! Whether if you need to know if you need a customs broker to ship into Canada or whether customs brokerage charges apply to your shipment, we are here to help. Our customer service team is always available by phone at 866-320-8383 or by e-mail at