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New Shipping Blog Offers Useful Tips for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Posted by Tania

Saint-Laurent, Quebec (July 9, 2013) – FlagShip, one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping solutions, has launched a new small business shipping blog to reach out to small and mid sized businesses across Canada, and connect them with shipping tips, advice and information.

For many small businesses, shipping is an essential part of their operations. Yet many do not realize the breadth of options available to them … options that could save them money and streamline their shipping processes. This blog was designed by FlagShip to change all that.

FlagShip’s blog entries, written by shipping and small business specialists, will educate SMBs on the shipping industry, including discount shipping and efficiencies in the shipping process. It will also give tips on growing your small business and how shipping plays a role in that. Finally, it will offer Flagship-specific information, such as creating return slips, choosing the right package or the right service and more.

“Our goal at FlagShip is to provide comprehensive discount shipping solutions to our customers.” says FlagShip President, Howard Kruger. “A big part of that is giving them the best rates and options available, but we take it a step further. This site helps us to connect with them in a very real way, sharing what we’ve learned over the years from working with other small businesses … and being a small business ourselves.”

For FlagShip, an online discount shipping reseller, this blog site is another step forward in providing comprehensive solutions and customer support to SMBs. Their customer service team is well-known for their commitment, knowledge and level of support. This site extends that support further, providing a credible and reliable resource for SMBs on the shipping industry.

About FlagShip 

As one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping solutions, FlagShip works closely with brand-name couriers – UPS, Purolator and FedEx. Discounted rates are negotiated and passed on to the customer, allowing them to take advantage of savings and service offerings.

FlagShip’s proprietary online shipping system makes it easy for customers to instantly compare rates from these leading couriers as they can view a variety of rates and service information all on one screen. This helps customers to save money as well as save time with a streamlined shipping process.

FlagShip’s shipping system also provides support in printing labels, managing and tracking packages and more, helping SMBs to create a more efficient shipping process internally. It’s all part of FlagShip’s ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive shipping solutions to SMBs from across Canada.