Efficiently Send Multiple Locations the Same Shipment

Posted by Tania

Do you send multiple locations the same shipment? Do you find it a waste of your time setting up each shipment individually? If so, we have a small business shipping solution for you! If you have the same box going to 50 different addresses, you are able to generate all 50 shipping labels at one time instead of setting up 50 individual shipments.

If you are a FlagShip™ customer not only do you have the advantage of discounted shipping rates, you have full access to our online shipping system with a variety of time saving features, like the distribution feature. Here are some time-savers as part of FlagShip’s distribution feature:

  • Address List: Upload a full address list of the multiple shipping addresses for your distribution; this makes it easy for you to simply select all of the individual addresses all at once when setting up the distribution.
  • Individual Rates: Once you enter in all the shipment information, FlagShip’s shipping system will generate shipping rates for each location. You choose the courier and rate for each location!
  • Consolidated Shipping Labels: Once you select your desired courier for each location the shipping system will create all of the shipping labels in one file so that you can print them all together.
  • Tracking: Your distribution is even saved in a different location than individual shipments for tracking purposes. Simply click on Distributions under the Manage tab to easily track your full distribution.

If you are a FlagShip customer: set up your distribution within FlagShip’s shipping system by clicking on New Distribution.

If you are not a FlagShip customer: call us at 1-866-320-8383 for more information how to take advantage of discounted shipping rates when you send multiple locations the same shipment.