Shipping Distribution Feature Saved an Online Distributor Significant Time and 27% in Cost

Posted by Tania

FlagShip’s system offers a shipping distribution feature that saved a Canadian online distributor significant shipment processing time and and money. Looking to learn more about sending multiple packages to the same location read more.


  • A new Quebec-based deal-of-the-day online distributor that ships across Canada didn’t know where to start when it came to managing their shipments.
  • The company posts deals-of-the-day and then at the end of the sale it ships out the product to all customers. The challenge was managing mass shipments of the same product with ease.
  • The company heard about FlagShip in an online forum for small businesses and contacted FlagShip for help with an effective shipping procedure for their multitude of goods.


  • Over the phone with the company, FlagShip’s sales representative evaluated the company’s shipping needs, frequency, volume and behavior. For the first shipment to process, it was a three-piece luggage set that needed to be shipped to 93 locations across Canada.
  • Using FlagShip’s proprietary online shipping system the sales representative was instantly able to identify the best courier rates for the company and an efficient, better way to manage distributions with ease.
  • There was even a special case where one customer ordered two sets of luggage’s and through FlagShip’s online shipping system we were able to cut down the costs by only adding an additional box, rather than a whole new shipment.


  • FlagShip saved the company 27% on their shipping.
  • The company was able to take advantage of Flagship’s distribution feature.  This feature allowed the company to send the same shipment to all 93 locations without wasting their time setting up each shipment individually.
  • The company was able to track all of the shipments in real-time.

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