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Are Shipment Dimensions Important for Getting an Accurate Shipping Rate?

Posted by Tania

In order to get an accurate shipping quote, precise shipment dimensions are always necessary. Inaccurate information can directly affect your quoted rate and ultimately the final charge of the shipment on your invoice. We always advise our clients to properly measure their packages as there is a difference between actual weight and dimensional weight when determining the final billable weight. To find out more about actual and dimensional weight, click here.

Inaccurate dimensions can also result in Special Handling charges. There are a few reasons as to why shipments are subjected to these charges, one being that the packages are in excess of the carrier’s maximum allowable length, weight or girth. It is important to know when your shipment is overweight or over-sized – each carrier has their own limits so we would suggest checking in order to avoid any extra charges. Click here to find out what the restrictions are for each of our carriers and don’t forget to treat any irregular shaped packages as if they are rectangular for measuring purposes.

If you’re not sure how to properly measure your packages or have any other questions on shipment dimensions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at 1-866-320-8383 or!