What is the Perfect-fit Shipping Company for Small Businesses in Canada?

Posted by Tania

Small businesses want to spend their time and focus on growing their business, period. So for many small businesses shipping can be a hassle, but it’s essential.  So what do small businesses need to look for when choosing the best courier and shipping provider? How does one select the best shipping company for small businesses?

Here are a few key considerations to narrow down your list of shipping providers and identify which ones have (and which don’t have!) small business shipping expertise:

Credibility: Small businesses shippers have different needs, volumes and considerations than large shippers. The right shipping provider will be able (and want) to provide you with helpful tips and advice to save you money and time on every shipment. Making sure your shipments arrive on time to your customers is critical to the success of any business and the shipping company you choose needs to work under that same philosophy.

Low courier rates: Most likely you have low shipping volumes and spend time going to multiple sources to compare courier rates, trying to find the lowest rate.  Stop wasting time and find one shipping company that will always provide you with the best courier rates available.

Ease of use:  Take the time to play around with your shipping providers shipping system and see how easy it is to use, and make sure you are comfortable with the entire shipping process.

Customer Service:  Superior customer service means your shipping provider is available over the phone when you need them, even after hours and on weekends. Ask them for their after-hours policy and test out how long it takes to get a live customer service representative on the phone.  

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