Top 4 Advantages: Shopify Shipping Integration App

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and hello to a seamless, efficient shipping experience with the FlagShip Shopify shipping integration app.

Top 4 Advantages: Shopify Shipping Integration App

Posted by Aritetsoma

As a business owner, calculating shipping rates and manually processing shipments for your Shopify store can be exhausting and stressful. The FlagShip team has created the Shopify shipping integration app to help our customers seamlessly integrate their FlagShip account into their Shopify store. FlagShip’s Shopify shipping integration app is one of our many powerful eCommerce tools that offers a variety of advantages for businesses looking to streamline their shipping processes and save money on shipping costs. 

Top 4 Advantages of Using FlagShip’s Shopify Shipping Integration App

  1. Discounted Shipping Rates: One of the biggest advantages of using FlagShip’s Shopify shipping integration is the ability to access discounted rates on shipping services from leading couriers such as Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar, and GLS. These discounts can add up to highly significant savings for any business that ships, no matter the frequently or volume, our discounts are available to all! FlagShip customers save up to 70% on shipping, compared to standard courier rates. 
  2. Automatic Data Upload: With FlagShip’s Shopify shipping integration, you can easily upload shipping data from your online store. When a transaction is completed in your Shopify store, all data can be automatically uploaded to the FlagShip shipping system with a single click. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors. Plus, you do not have to worry about keeping your shipping rates up to date. 
  3. Streamlined Shipping Process: The FlagShip integration allows you to instantly process shipments, print labels, manage pickups, and more. This streamlines your shipping process and saves you time, so you can focus on growing your business. 
  4. Flexible Shipping Rates: With the Advanced Shopify Plan, you can link your online store directly to real-time shipping rates to provide the most accurate prices. If you do not have the Advanced Shopify Plan, you can set flat rates and choose the options that your customers will see at checkout. Plus, you can incorporate your own handling fee into your shipping costs. 

It keeps getting better, with additional features of our FlagShip Shopify shipping integration include the ability to provide accurate prices to customers, process multiple shipments at once, and track your packages in real-time.  Learn why FlagShip’s ecommerce integrations are a nice fit for your eStore shipping. 

One of the best things about FlagShip’s Shopify Shipping Integration app is that it is easy to use and set up, even for those who are not tech-savvy. With the integration, you can easily access discounted shipping rates, automate your shipping data uploads, and streamline your shipping process. There is no risk in trying it out for yourself and seeing the benefits it can bring to your business.  

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