Things to consider when shipping big items

Posted by Tania

In the shipping world, standard sized shipments are quite simple to process. But what happens when you are shipping big items? And how do you know what is even considered a big item or standard item from the couriers’ perspective? We can help you get this sorted.

Couriers are specialized in delivering envelopes, small packages and some items up to a certain point. Most couriers do accept parcels up to 150 lbs. but a surcharge may apply if it is heavier than 70 lbs. for example. Also dimensions may put the package in the “big item” category if length is over 4 feet or girth is greater than 130 inches as another example.

So a ‘big item’ is a parcel that exceeds the couriers’ standard sizes. Click to see our chart for maximum measurements and weights allowed by each courier.

How can you plan in advance for shipping big items?

That’s where the FlagShip online shipping system does it all for you. When processing a shipment, you simply enter the dimensions and weight of each package you need to ship and the shipping system will apply the courier rules and show you the exact cost for your shipment.

Right away you know if your item is considered a big shipment, and there will be no surprises on your future invoice!

As a friendly reminder, besides shipping big items, there are additional reasons for surcharges and special handling fees. Read what else you need to consider.

If you would like to talk to someone in order to discuss all your shipping questions, there’s always someone available to talk to at FlagShip. That’s the FlagShip promise.