Discount Shipping Company for Small Businesses

Posted by Enrique Launi

FlagShip is a discount shipping company that offers a one-stop solution for Canadian small businesses. The term ‘one-stop shop’ is a business model that by providing many services in one place, businesses can offer their customers the convenience of obtaining their needs in one place – whether it be in a retail shop or online solution. The one-stop shop model is particularly appealing to small businesses that must leverage their time and money to remain profitable.

Now as it relates to shipping, one-stop shipping is essentially a model where all of your shipping needs can be met in one place, by one company, instead of going to multiple sources. No longer do you need to call various companies in order to handle all of your shipping needs. Here is how the one-stop shop business model works for online discount shipping with FlagShip. FlagShip’s online shipping system gives their customer all of this – plus more!

  • Instantly Compare: Compare courier rates from Canada’s leading couriers, all on one screen.
  • You Choose: Select your preferred courier and service.
  • Save Money: Save with exclusive, discounted shipping rates on every shipment – up to 70% off your shipping!
  • One Bill: Consolidated bill for all of your shipping activities, no matter which courier … or couriers you choose.
  • One Number: Exceptional customer service that is second to none; with live customer support whenever you call.
  • One Shipping System: FlagShip’s online shipping system gives you access to many features to save you time after the shipment has been placed, such as generating compliant labels and tracking shipments.

If you have an online store, FlagShip’s discount shipping rates and services can help you! Offering a full eCommerce shipping solution line up: FlagShip offers full support for our plug-and-play shipping integrations that include ShopifyWooCommerceMagentoOpenCartPrestaShop and our own FlagShip API. So, whether you have questions on implementing our shipping integration, or on shipping procedures after you’ve implemented the shipping system, or even specific questions like how to make a home delivery for your online store, we are always here to help.

Interested in working with a one-stop discount shipping company for your small business shipping needs? Call us at 1-866-320-8383 or e-mail us at