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Tips for Shipping during Black Friday Canada (& Cyber Monday)

Posted by Charlene Hui

First celebrated in the United States and now adopted in Canada, Black Friday shopping sales are a pre-holiday tradition. Black Friday 2022 is officially on Friday, November 25, however slashed prices and sales last the entire month of November.  And for eCommerce businesses, it is noteworthy to mention Cyber Monday 2022 is on Monday, November 28.

Therefore, it is important for your business to be ready for the Black Friday season to not risk losing any potential customers to your competitors. Below are FlagShip’s small business tips for shipping during Black Friday (and of course, Cyber Monday!). And be sure to create your free shipping account to get started and save up to 70% on your shipments!

  • Provide delivery estimated times. Shoppers want to be able to know when their shipment will arrive, so it is important to be able to display estimated shipping times. With FlagShip, every shipment request includes an estimated delivery date, so you and your customers have accurate shipment and tracking information.
  • Give shipping options. While some shoppers need their order to arrive as quickly as possible, others would rather pay less for shipping and receive their order later. To accommodate different shoppers, it is essential to offer different shipping costs and services. Click here to learn more on Ground vs. Express and Expedited shipping services.
    • Shipping is a great way to entice shoppers. For example. You can offer free shipping or low-cost express delivery. FlagShip provides customer with extremely competitive shipping rates so you can build the shipping strategy that is right for your business!
  • Have a return policy and return shipping setup. Customers may need to make returns, so it is best to have a clear returns policy listed on your website. If your customer goes through a poor returns experience, it is unlikely they will shop with you again. With FlagShip, setting up a return is quick and easy. Simply enter your customer’s pickup location, your receiving location, generate the waybill and e-mail it to your customer to attach on the returning box. You can even schedule a driver to pick up the shipment or your customer can just drop off the box at the nearest depot.
  • Integrate shipping into your eStore. Provide instant, accurate shipping rates to your customers then let your website do the work for you – automatically processing and organizing your shipments. Easily integrates your online store with FlagShip – learn more.
    • Fast, accurate and low shipping quotes encourage customers to buy right away
    • Shipments processed instantly and automatically, saving you time on every order
  • Download the FlagShip Mobile app. It’s a convenient way to track your shipment on the go. It gives you up-to-the-minute tracking updates about your shipments as well as your shipping history and it also allows you filter through your shipment easily using courier, tracking number, tracking status, or date range. Click here to download.

Preparation is key. Make sure you have a proper shipping strategy in place to prepare you for this Black Friday season. Make sure to visit our blog for more helpful tips – FlagShip is dedicated to providing small business shipping tips!

If you have any questions about shipping during Black Friday, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1-866-320-8383.