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5 Extra Money Saving Tips for your Small Business Shipping

Posted by Tania

Courier rates are an essential part of saving money on your shipping; however don’t minimize some of the other money and time savers that will greatly contribute to your small business shipping needs.  Here are 5 helpful shipping money savers and strategies to help you make the most of your shipping dollar:

  1. Compare Courier Rates:  Shipping rates differ from courier to courier; spend the time to compare courier rates and services. FlagShip’s online shipping system instantly compares brand-name courier rates, all on one screen.
  2. Insurance Rates: Not all insurance programs for your shipment are created equally. Make sure you compare rates. Here are our top answered shipping insurance questions.
  3. Ordering Shipping Supplies: Don’t waste your time ordering shipping supplies. Leave that to your shipping vendor. At FlagShip, our customer service team will manage ordering all the shipping supplies you need from your courier of choice.
  4. Holiday Shipping:  Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to ship during the holidays to avoid undue stress. Check courier holiday schedules here.
  5. Don’t Delay: Expedited shipping costs more, so if you know you need to get a package somewhere by a specific date, get it shipped as soon as possible.

Use these tips to save on shipping each and every time.

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