Proper Care in Packaging your Shipment to Save You Money

Packaging your Shipment – 3 Tips to Save You Money

Posted by Tania

Regardless of which shipping carrier you select – proper care in packaging your shipment is vital to ensure correct, fast and easy delivery.

Here are three tips on packaging your shipment for a successful journey, with no added fees:

  1. New corrugated box: Use a new corrugated box whenever possible. A new box ensures extra protection, as a used box will have lost some of its original protective qualities.
  2. Protect your goods: Anything shipped unpackaged (such as articles that are not protected by rigid shipping containers) are subject to special handling charges.
  3. New labels: If your only option is to re-use a box please make sure all labels and/or markings that are not relevant to your shipment are removed and/or completely covered up to avoid confusion.

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