How to lower shipping costs for your small business online store

Posted by Tania

When developing an online store and entering the e-commerce world, one huge consideration that could make or break your business success is shipping.  Shipping considerations for small business online store include price, but also you need to consider the simplicity of processing shipments and the reliability of getting your product to your customers, on time.

FlagShip has your shipping covered.

Getting the best courier rates and service:  FlagShip is an authorized reseller for Purolator, UPS and FedEx. We pass on our volume discount to our customers, and the best part, is you can take advantage of these discounted rate for your very own online store! Learn more about our e-commerce solution.

The shipping process streamlined:  When it comes to shipping your packages, whether around the world or across town, FlagShip’s online shipping system can make all of your shipping activities easier, which means you spend less time on shipping and more time on building your business. Shipping your packages can be done in a few simple steps and can be easily integrated into your online store.  It’s so easy, find out more!

A company you can trust:  Your business is important and you don’t want to leave the critical task of shipping to just anyone.  FlagShip has been helping small businesses save time and money on their shipping since 2005 and we have been on the PROFIT 500 list of growing companies 4 years in a row, we are a company you can reply on. Learn more about FlagShip.

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