Summer Shipping Made Easy: Super Savings and Convenience (2024)

Don’t miss out on maximizing your profits this summer as a small business owner – choose FlagShip for your summer shipping and enjoy discounted rates, streamlined processes, top-notch eCommerce shipping integration, exceptional customer service, and more.

Summer Shipping Made Easy: Super Savings and Convenience (2024)

Posted by Aritetsoma

Summer brings sunshine, vacations, and…increased sales? For many businesses, summer is a prime time to watch profits soar. But with that surge in orders comes a hidden challenge: efficient and affordable shipping.

FlagShip can help you unlock the secrets of summer shipping success. We provide a range of powerful shipping solutions, exceptional customer support, and an innovative mobile app that puts you in control. Don’t miss out on maximizing your profits this summer. Keep your customers happy with streamlined processes, discounted rates, and top-notch eCommerce integration.

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The FlagShip advantage for summer shipping 

When it comes to summer shipping, FlagShip offers several advantages that give your business a competitive edge:  

  1.  Affordable pricing: With FlagShip, you can save up to 70% on shipping costs, allowing you to allocate more resources to other important aspects of your business, all year round, saving you money.  
  2. Compare rates – all in one place! Our platform provides access to shipping rates from leading couriers like Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar, and GLS. This enables you to compare and select the best courier for your specific requirements, ensuring reliable and cost-effective deliveries.  
  3. Fast and reliable delivery: FlagShip offers fast and dependable delivery options and rates from top Canadian shipping companies. You can trust that your packages will reach their destinations swiftly and efficiently, giving you ultimate peace-of-mind. 
  4. Easy-to-use platform: Our user-friendly online shipping system simplifies the entire shipping process for you. From booking shipments to tracking packages in real-time, saving you time and effort, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 
  5. Customizable options: We understand that every small business has unique shipping needs. FlagShip provides customizable shipping options, allowing you to tailor your strategy to your specific requirements and preferences, leaving you with a fully optimized shipping experience. 

The power of the FlagShip mobile app

Summer is a time for flexibility and being on the go, and our mobile app empowers you to manage your shipping activities from anywhere, at any time. Here are some key features of the FlagShip mobile app:

  1. Easy package management: With just a few taps, you can create and process shipments, schedule pickups, print labels, and pay invoices directly from your smartphone. This convenience saves you valuable time and enhances productivity. 
  2. Real-time tracking: Stay informed about the exact location of your shipments at every stage of transit. Our real-time tracking feature provides peace of mind and allows you to keep your customers updated with accurate delivery status information. 
  3. Instant rate comparisons: Access rates from multiple couriers, compare services, and choose the best shipping option for your needs, all within the mobile app. This ensures you get the most competitive rates and reliable services for your summer shipping requirements. 
  4. Simplified account management: Manage your shipments and account settings seamlessly. Easily view and pay invoices, access past shipping history, and utilize our address book feature for efficient shipping address management. 

Comprehensive shipping for your summer shipping needs and beyond

A comprehensive suite of shipping services and resources to support your summer shipping success: 

  1. Courier services: Benefit from our partnerships with leading courier companies such as Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar, and GLS , enabling you to choose the best fit for your shipping requirements. 
  2. LTL and FTL freight services: If you have larger shipments or specialized requirements, our logistics freight services offer flexible solutions to meet your needs. 
  3. eCommerce integration: Seamlessly connect any of the following eCommerce online stores like Shopify, WooCommerceWixEtsy Magento, OpenCartSqurespace, and PrestaShop with our shipping platform and enjoy streamlining your order fulfillment process and enhancing your eStore customer experience. 
  4. Distribution feature: Simplify shipping identical packages to multiple destinations with our distribution feature. Consolidate shipments into one package, optimizing your shipping costs and saving valuable time. 
  5. Cheap shipping within Canada, to the U.S. and internationally: Take advantage of our discounted shipping rates for domestic , cross-border and international shipments, saving you money on every package you send.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! 

Satisfied FlagShip customers have shared their positive experiences: 

– T.P: “Excellent professional service and they actually answer the phone when in need so you can speak to a rep within minutes…” 

– Roger: “I’m new to Flagship and have had nothing but positive experiences not only online but with staff over the phone. Highly recommend, wish I had known about them years ago – saving me and my customers lots of money!” 

– Jessica: “Flagship consistently provides excellent & immediate customer service. I have never been left on hold when calling them, and they respond to my emails immediately.” 

Don’t let peak season shipping slow you down. FlagShip offers cost-effective solutions, streamlined processes, and exceptional customer service to help you conquer the summer rush. Sign up for a FREE account today and unlock savings on essential shipping services.

If you have any questions about summer shipping, we are here to help! Our dedicated support team is available to assist you. Feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call at our toll-free number 1-866-320-8383 and let us assist you in finding the best shipping options tailored to your business requirements.