Expedited freight transit times shipping from Montreal or Toronto

Posted by Tania

When preparing a palletized/skidded shipment for across Canada shipping, the first question/concern you should ask would be “how time sensitive is my shipment?” If your shipment is time sensitive: Expedited Freight LTL service is an option. Expedited freight services gets your shipment to its destination faster than a standard service.

So how fast would an expedited freight service be? Here are some sample timelines if the shipment is departing from Montreal or Toronto to the major points across Canada: Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Vancouver.

The expedited freight transit times are as follow:

  • Pickup Monday delivery Thursday
  • Pickup Tuesday delivery Friday
  • Pickup Wednesday, Thursday, Friday delivery Monday

If your shipment is not time sensitive: Shipping via rail would be your best option as it’s more cost effective. Shipments moving via rail are slow-moving and would take approximately 7-10 days, however, transit time could vary based on final destination.  From Montreal or Toronto to Vancouver it can take from 7 – 10 days (give or take) transit time will vary based on ship date or delivery location. This service should only be used if there is no urgency for a delivery date.

In order to have the most cost effective freight shipping, it is important to understand the difference between LTL and other types of freight shipping. Our team of logistics experts at FlagShip are always available to answer any questions you may have. From questions on LTL accessorial charges to how to properly wrap your pallet shipment, we are here for you! Click here to read our answers on top asked freight shipping questions.

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