What is an LTL Shipment?

When is a shipment too large for courier? There are a couple of ways of figuring this out.

What is an LTL Shipment?

Posted by Tania

When is a shipment too large for courier and considered an LTL shipment?  There are a couple of ways of figuring this out.  First, if you put a shipment into FlagShip’s shipping system and it comes back with a message ‘we could not find any couriers for your shipment’ then you know it’s too big for courier.  Second, if your shipment exceeds weight and size limits for courier then you need to seek an alternative shipping option.

What is considered an LTL Shipment? Usually if a shipment is too large to travel via courier, FlagShip is able to arrange for what is called LTL or FTL service. LTL stands for “less-than-truckload” while FTL stands for “full truck load”. We also have access to carriers that do ocean services should as LCL (less than a container load) and CL (container load).  As well we have access to Air Freight.

FlagShip has access to over 2500 carriers for skid freight services that can go across Canada, into or from the U.S. and anywhere around the world.

When considering LTL, LCL, FTL or Airfreight the following information is extremely important to have on hand for a check list:

1 – How many pallets/skids or pieces?

2 – What are the dimensions (length, width, height) and weights?  Note that when calculating the weight, you must include the weight of the pallet(s) in addition to the pieces being shipped.

3 – What is the commodity being shipped?

4 – How quickly do you need it there?

5 – If it’s leaving Canada or coming to Canada do you have your own customs broker to clear your shipment?  FlagShip can recommend a customs broker for you should you not have one.  If you already have one, we would need all the information to be able to forward the paperwork and be able to clear the shipment in a timely manner.

6 – Do you want insurance on the freight? If yes, then we would need to know the value of the shipment that was your cost on the product.

Should you have any LTL shipment questions or want to find out more about our skid freight services do not hesitate to contact us dispatch@flagshipcompany.com