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FlagShip enters the consumer market with ‘FlagShip GO’ and gives people an option for their personal shipping within Canada

Posted by Tania

A strong leader in the business-to-business shipping industry, FlagShip ™ is taking its expertise to the consumer market with the launch of FlagShip GO.  This new service, targeted at those making personal shipments within Canada, allows customers to access FlagShip’s proprietary online system that compares the shipping services and rates of leading courier companies, such as Purolator, UPS and FedEx, all on one computer screen.  Customers can then choose the service that is right for them, without the hassle of shopping around on different websites.

Customers will also get the benefit of being able to schedule a pick up at their home address, or choosing to drop their package off at a depot for delivery.

“We’re really excited to take something that is working so well for businesses and offer it to consumers,” says David Kruger, FlagShip’s Director of Sales.  “Everyone’s lives are so busy these days!  By offering FlagShip GO to consumers, we give them a convenient and affordable option for shipping within Canada.”

Consumers may not ship as regularly as businesses do, but still look for good rates without a lot of hassle when shipping packages to family and friends, or returning purchases to an online retailer.  FlagShip GO gives them a quick and easy way to ship whatever it is they need to ship, when they need to ship it.  And if they need help with documentation, scheduling or anything to do with the FlagShip GO system, our Customer Support team is available by phone or email to help out.

FlagShip has created a separate web page for consumers to access the FlagShip GO system at www.flagshipgo.com


About FlagShip

Since 2005, FlagShip™ has had a strong commitment to providing online shipping solutions for small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers that make their businesses better, easier and more efficient.  Today, FlagShip brings that same commitment to consumers.  We continue to embrace technological innovation and entrepreneurial philosophies, to help SMBs and consumers alike save time and money, and make shipping stress-free.  FlagShip is an authorized reseller of Purolator, UPS and FedEx.

Contact: Tania Fioretti Joseph at Tania@flagshipcompany.com