New logo. New look. Same commitment to our customers; delivering savings and hassle-free shipping.

Posted by Tania

Pointe-Claire, QUEBEC (June 20, 2016) – There’s something exciting going on over at FlagShip™.  A leader in the Canadian discount shipping industry who is known for its innovation and commitment to customer service, the company is launching a new brand look, which will be implemented across the company starting on June 20, 2016.

“Our overall goal was to take a more personal and ‘human’ approach to our brand and how we look to the world,” says Howard Kruger, FlagShip’s President and founder.  “It’s not changing who we are.  It’s simply matching what we look like with what we do every day.”

And what FlagShip does every day is provide small and medium-sized businesses with savings, solutions and leading customer service.  The new logo and colours tie into this set of core advantages, providing a fresh, forward-thinking look to FlagShip.

The chosen font is less corporate and more personable, approachable – just like the company itself.  The arrow implies a forward, continuous motion and represents FlagShip’s well-known and celebrated drive for innovation.  It also lets customers know that they have come to the right place for their shipping needs.

The new look does not stop with the logo.  The entire FlagShip website – the main channel for customers to interact with the company – has undergone a transformation.  Along with the logo and look, new features and content have been added, such as an updated blog, new FAQs and some informational videos that help to take the hassle out of shipping.

Take a look at these new videos and see for yourself:

Plus, the exclusive online shipping system that is at the heart of all that FlagShip offers has also been given a “fresh coat of paint”, keeping all of the functionality to rate shop and compare courier rates that customers love, while adding a quicker login process, fresh look and other tweaks to make it even easier to use.

“Innovation, continued savings, focus on solutions, and above all, friendly customer service.  That’s what is in our hearts.  And now, that’s what is in our look, too,” says Kruger.  “Our commitment to our customers has not changed one bit.”


About FlagShip™

A lot has changed since FlagShip™ opened its doors in 2005.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing online shipping solutions for SMB customers that help make their businesses better, easier and more efficient.  Today, FlagShip continues to embrace technological innovation and entrepreneurial philosophies, to help SMBs save time and money, and make shipping stress-free.