Corporate Wizards: See how an idea turned into one of the fastest growing companies in Canada

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SAINT-LAURENT, Quebec, Canada – May 12, 2014 – Howard Kruger, founder and President of Flagship™, one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping companies, is one of 14 Canadian industry leaders being featured in a new book: “The Corporate Wizards”. Readers will learn about how Kruger’s insight, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication has grown his company from a small, family business into one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping companies, in just 8 years. Read the full chapter now!

Take a look at Howard Kruger’s entrepreneurial journey into establishing a remarkable discount shipping company

In late 2005, Howard Kruger established Flagship, now one of PROFIT magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies, with a strong ambition: to help small to medium-sized businesses save time and money on their shipping.

“My goal,” Kruger explains, “was to service the small to mid-sized business segment in a way that they have never experienced before … with easy access to a unique online shipping service that caters to their specific requirements and concerns, with timely personal attention”.

How did Kruger discover this need in the shipping industry?  What experiences and skills brought him to this place and put him in a position to tap into this niche?  In the FlagShip chapter you’ll learn more about Kruger’s first companies, his drive and determination, and how he succeeded, with his wife and family by his side.

“Even then, I was the middleman,” says Kruger of his early days with his textile jobbing company. “I am not keen on the word ‘broker’ yet that was what I was then, and that is what I am now.”

You’ll also learn how Kruger took three key pieces: a need, technology and a desire for the highest level of customer service, and brought them together to start, then grow a company that would become one of Canada’s leading online discount shipping companies.  Howard Kruger’s entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and insight has revolutionized how small and mid-sized businesses ship their packages in today’s economy.

“We had the innovation, we had the added value service, and best of all, we were giving them a choice,” says Kruger.

Read the FlagShip chapter now!

About Howard Kruger

Howard Kruger received his Bachelor of Science from McGill University, with dreams of becoming a dentist.  Instead, his entrepreneurial drive and skills took him in other directions.  Uncovering untapped needs and creating solutions to answer those needs are among his many strengths.  He has built businesses in the textiles industries, as well as local courier and large freight shipping, watching them grow as they helped customers in their activities.   His dedication, conviction and heart have inspired loyalty from his family and employees, many of whom continue to work alongside him after years of service.

About Flagship 

As one of Canada’s largest online shipping solutions companies, FlagShip works closely with leading courier companies such as Purolator, UPS and FedEx.  Discounted rates are negotiated and passed on to the customer, allowing them to take advantage of savings and service offerings.  FlagShip specializes in working with and helping small and medium businesses with their shipping needs.  In 2013, PROFIT magazine named Flagship as one of 500 fastest growing companies in Canada.  FlagShip has also been recognized for its organizational excellence, performance and social responsibility.

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