Save Money on Shipping Insurance: An Audio Company Success Story

Posted by Tania

FlagShip helps customers save money on shipping insurance, and here is one success story we’d love to share.


– An Audio Company located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia ships over-sized, high-value and fragile products across Canada and was looking for a cost-effective way of shipping their goods.

– Plus, the company was looking to save money on shipping insurance for their high-value shipments. They were spending too much on shipping insurance and it was cutting into their profits.

– The company heard about FlagShip by referral from a current FlagShip customer.


– Over the phone with the company, FlagShip’s sales representative quickly evaluated the company’s shipping and insurance needs.

– The shipment at hand was three packages with a total weight of 160 lbs. The shipment included audio speakers and stands to be shipped from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to Fort Frances, Ontario.

– Using FlagShip’s exclusive insurance program the sales representative was instantly able to identify the insurance rate with FlagShip was $42 compared to a competitor’s quote of $135 for insurance alone.


– FlagShip saved the company 69% on their shipping insurance.

– The company was able to take advantage of FlagShip’s discounted shipping as well as discounted insurance rates for a complete win-win solution.

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