Factors That Affect Shipping Prices

Posted by Tania

Shipping price is an important element to consider as a business owner. It directly impacts the selling price of your product and thus your net profit. In order to get an accurate shipping cost, obtaining detailed information about your shipment and the consignee’s address are some of the essential factors that must be taken into account. Here are our tips to help you get an accurate shipping price:

  • Dimensions and weight of each package: Shipping price is calculated based on real weight but most importantly, by dimensional weight. Therefore, shipping a 10 pound box at 12x8x6 inches, for example would not be the same as shipping the same weight box at 24x12x12 inches. Click here to learn more about dimensional weight.
  • Shipping address: It is important to know whether your receiver is located at a business or residential address. Couriers usually charge a residential surcharge as delivering the shipment becomes a detour from the business route for the delivery driver. With FlagShip’s shipping system, make sure to check off the “This is a residential address” option so you’re not surprised with any additional charges after the shipment has been manifested.
  • Type of shipping service: If you select an Express Service for your shipment instead of a Ground service, naturally the shipping price will be higher. However, having these options to choose from allows you select the proper service needed to satisfy your customer.

So remember, to keep shipping price low – minimize your package dimensions and enter all information as accurate as possible.

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