How to send a parcel from Canada to China

If your business needs to send a parcel from Canada to China, you may have many questions and uncertainty as to where to start. Let FlagShip help.

How to send a parcel from Canada to China

Posted by Tania

Tips on how to best send a parcel from Canada to China

Thinking about shipping a package from Canada to China? Whether you’re a small business owner eager to showcase your latest product or simply sending a thoughtful gift to a loved one, navigating international shipping can feel like a confusing maze. Rest assured, you’re not alone!

Let FlagShip be your guide. In this blog, we’ll break down the process of sending a parcel from Canada to China into simple, actionable steps. We’ll answer your burning questions, explore different shipping options, and ensure your package arrives at its destination smoothly and efficiently. So, ditch the stress and get ready to successfully ship to China!

Select the company you want to ship with

What couriers can you use to send a parcel from Canada to China?

  • Purolator, FedEx, UPS and DHL offer reliable express delivery options from Canada to China with advanced tracking.
  • They provide express delivery options to China anywhere between 2-5 days
  • With FlagShip you can compare discounted international shipping rates from Purolator, FedEx, UPS and DHL, all in one place, easily print your shipping labels, and track your shipment to its destination. Plus, save up to 70% on your shipment. Learn more about shipping internationally with FlagShip.

You must report your goods

Under the Canadian Customs act, all exported goods must be reported to control restricted products, retrieve important information on exported Canadian exports and to control the outbound movement of exported goods and products.

Before you export for your business, you must obtain a Business Number (BN) for FREE. This is issued by the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency).

Documentation you need

To clear your goods through customs you will need a commercial invoice/customs declaration form.

With FlagShip’s online shipping system, after you have put in your shipping information, selected the courier rate and service that suits your needs best, you will be required to fill in an online commercial invoice that details the following:

  • Full contact information of the shipper
  • Full contact information of the consignee/person/company contact receiving parcel
  • Detailed description of the content; including appropriate product classification codes
  • The country of origin (where was it manufactured)
  • The individual value for each separate item in the parcel
  • The reason for export (i.e.: samples etc.)
  • Note: ensure there are no restrictions on the goods you are exporting

TIP: An advantage of using the FlagShip online shipping system for international shipments is that you can input information required for your commercial invoice right on our system, and then you can print it off for use. Saving you time and providing the convenience of step-by-step directions on the information required.

Once you have properly packaged your goods, select the courier, the service and your prepared customs paperwork – you are good to go!

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