Shipping and Parcel Packaging: What are my options?

Posted by Tania

Shipping can be an easy process and if you can understand how your packaging affects the overall courier price and services offered – you are one step ahead! Our team of in-house shipping experts has detailed below the most important options for shipping and parcel packaging.

What are my options for packaging?

On the FlagShip shipping system there are 3 options to use for packaging your parcel:

  1. Your own packaging – Your own packaging means anything that does not have the name of a courier on it.  This includes a cardboard box, a brown envelope, a bubble mailer etc.
  2. Courier Pack – A courier pack is like a bubble mailer but it has the name of the courier on it.  This can be used to ship a small item up to 3 lbs.  This will only go an express or air service.
  3. Courier Letter – A courier letter is a hard envelope that is only used to ship a few documents.  It cannot be used to ship a small object, even if it fits in.  This will only go an express or air service.


Can I use boxes from the major couriers?

All of the couriers have boxes that they will provide to you free of charge, but we do not have discounts on this type of packaging.  If you use a courier box, you may be charged the full rate without our discounts applied, not what you were quoted for the shipment.  We will not be able to request a credit for the extra amount that was charged.  


Do the couriers charge for these supplies?

There is no charge to have these supplies shipped to you.  You can order your supplies directly from the FlagShip website under contact us.  The important thing to remember is that if you use a courier letter or pack, you lose the option of a ground service.  So you may be paying more for a service that you don’t need.  In that case using your own packaging may be a better option.


What is the most important item that I should have in terms of packaging?

All of the couriers offer waybill pouches.  These are small plastic envelopes that you can stick to the outside of your envelope or box with the waybill inside.  This will protect the waybill from getting wet, torn or destroyed in anyway.  It is always advisable to use a waybill pouch to ensure a successful delivery.  If you are shipping internationally, you can put your customs documents in the waybill pouch behind the shipping label, so that customs has access to them without opening up your package.

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