Understanding how your package is sorted and processed by the couriers to avoid damage

Posted by Tania

When making a shipment (either a parcel or envelope) we all expect that the shipment being picked up by the courier company will be delivered in a timely manner without damage.  This may not always be the case. There are always circumstances where the shipment may be lost or damaged by the courier company. There is no courier company that will 100% guarantee safe delivery. What is it we need to know to avoid a shipment damage?

First, we need to understand the process your shipment goes through and this applies to most couriers with slight differences. It all starts with your shipment being picked up at your door. The driver scans your shipment and drives away headed for the terminal. Your boxes are unloaded by hand or by a portable conveyor belt onto a long conveyor belt whereby the parcels are weighed and lasers take the dimensions of the parcels and directed to different areas of the building for further processing of destination. Please note the parcels may tumble while on the belt. If your parcel is too big it is manually processed to the specific area. Then it is placed on another truck and brought to destination depots where the process is repeated to be sorted into the delivery truck. As you can see the parcels are handled many times by different people and machines. So your parcel at any point of the process can be damaged and lost.

Having an idea of the process you may consider following to minimize possible shipment damage. Please note that the possibility of a lost parcel will always exist.

Therefore, in order to reduce the risk or a shipment damage please ensure that the items you are shipping are properly packaged. Read some of our packaging tips.

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