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Using the courier supplies – things to know about Express envelopes or boxes

Posted by Tania

You have most probably seen an envelope or box in a movie or at the office that is labelled “Express”. If this is the type of packaging you wish to use for your shipment, there are a few important things you need to know about courier Express envelopes or boxes.

Today, most of the courier companies provide – free of charge – courier supplies such as express envelopes, packs (plastic envelope) and boxes in different sizes. They are very convenient and secure; many shippers use them to courier documents or products. What you need to know, is that although these courier supplies are free, there is a cost to it. Here is how it works.

For any package that indicates “Express” on it, this automatically becomes an Express shipment. Every courier has specific rates for an express shipment you process, as well as for any specific packaging you may use from them. It is then very important to select the proper packaging type while preparing the shipment.

Processing a shipment with a courier envelope or a courier pack are both available choices in FlagShip’s online shipping system. However, courier boxes (small, medium, large) are not available packaging types with FlagShip, this type of packaging can only be used if shipping direct with the courier.

Before using the courier “packaging”, we suggest you first run a quote with your packaging in FlagShip’s online shipping system. You can do this by indicating “Your own packaging” and enter the specific dimensions. You can then compare using the courier packaging and see how much you will save using your OWN packaging. Sometimes, it’s a huge discount!

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