What Type of Packages Can You Ship with FlagShip?

Posted by Tania

Wondering what you can and cannot ship with FlagShip? The simple answer is anything that the couriers will pick up is a package you can ship through FlagShip’s shipping system.

Because we work directly with the three major couriers in Canada – UPS, Purolator, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS – our shipping system is set up to work with just about any package that you want to ship. Whether it’s an envelope, a small 5-lb package, a large shipment of 10 boxes weighing 30 pounds each, or anything in between, FlagShip’s system will generate all the shipping rates and labels for you.

The FlagShip system is set up to accommodate any shipment packed in your own packaging or in the official packaging from any one of our couriers, such as courier envelopes or courier bags. One of the benefits of being a client of FlagShip is that we will order all your courier supplies for you free of charge.

Still have questions on what type of package you can ship? Contact us at 866-320-8383 or support@flagshipcompany.com

For any larger shipment that requires a skid, please contact our logistics department at dispatch@flagshipcompany.com for quotes and help in setting up your truck shipments.