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3 Tips for Your Overnight Delivery

Posted by Tania

Do you ever need to have a shipment delivered on the next day? Here are a few tips on next day deliveries and the cost for an overnight delivery – whether you are shipping within the city or to the other end of the country.

1. Shipping within the province: A next-day delivery service within the province is usually standard with major couriers like Purolator, FedEx, and UPS. Learn about FlagShip’s cost for an overnight delivery and how we can help you save on your time-sensitive shipments.

2. Shipping out of province or into USA: Once you ship out of province or into the US and require a next-day delivery, this would be considered an Express shipment which usually goes by plane. In this case, the cost for this service is higher than a Ground service. The benefits, however, is usually a guaranteed service. In major cities, the couriers even offer special options such as a Guaranteed Before 9:00am or 10:30am.

3. What is the shipping priority? It is important to consider the real priority of the shipment and to evaluate whether a guaranteed service is required or not. The couriers are very reliable but a guaranteed service makes sure that the shipment is delivered in due time or it will be money back. If the transit time is not a priority, Ground or Standard service is the most economic way to ship. Continue reading tips on cheapest way to ship your parcel.

Take the time to understand the different services offered by each courier. Sometimes you will be surprised that the difference in cost is not drastic between Ground and Express services so offering a next-day delivery service to your customer might just make that extra difference!

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