Saving Money on Small Business Shipping – 4 Truths you need to know

Posted by Tania

Saving money on small business shipping is a critical business decision and it’s important to a healthy bottom-line. Choosing the right shipping solution can not only save you time and money, but save you from unnecessary frustration and hassle. Here are 4 truths to help keep shipping costs down, without not compromising the level of service your business needs to succeed.

Truth #1 – Do Your Work and Compare Courier Rates.  

Choosing the right shipping solution is all about knowing your options. Stop paying too much on your shipping and start comparing shipping rates. Rate shopping is the new-age way for small businesses to get the best shipping rate available in less time; just like you do for flights, you can do it for your shipping.

FlagShip’s exclusive shipping system gives you free access to shop for the best shipping rates and compare leading brand-name courier services all-in-one place.

Truth #2 –Shipping is Easy (if you are working with the right company!).

Rate shopping websites for courier services are a dime a dozen and they are undoubtedly useful, to a degree. At FlagShip, we take it to the next level where you can compare and select your courier of choice all on the same screen.  No need to use multiple online services, we make it easy for you to manage all of your shipping needs in one place. Compare courier rates, select your shipping service and save with exclusive shipping rates – all on one screen. It’s that easy!

Truth #3 – Exclusive Discounts, Consistently.

Be sure to find a shipping company that consistently offers low shipping rates and where there is no fine print. FlagShip is a shipping reseller and is able to supply end users with shipping services at much better rates than they are able to receive on their own, time and time again. Learn more about shipping resellers.

Truth #4 – There’s More to it than Saving Money.

Mission accomplished, you have found the absolute best shipping rate – now what?  A piece of advice, you want to make sure the shipping company you have selected is a trusted source and has more than a good price to back them up.

Saving money on small business shipping is just one of the many advantages of FlagShip’s online shipping system.  Your business demands don’t stop at 5:00pm, but many shipping companies support teams do; not at FlagShip.  If you have a shipping question or challenge after hours and on weekends, just call and we will be there to help!

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