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Benefit from third-party shipping insurance

Posted by Tania

Did you know that, by default, all your shipments are covered for $100 worth of insurance directly from the courier you shipped with? Great, right! What happens, though, if the value of the goods being shipped is greater than $100? How would you cover yourself if something happens to the shipment in transit?

Sure, you can go direct to the couriers to purchase additional insurance from them. Depending on which courier you use, the cost for additional insurance can range anywhere between $1.50 to $3.00 per $100 of additional insurance purchased. One of the many benefits of being a FlagShip client, however, is our third party shipping insurance program. Instead of going direct to the couriers and paying their insurance prices, you can acquire additional insurance on your shipment at the discounted rate of $1.25 per $100* of additional insurance purchased! (*The minimum charge for insurance is $4.95).

Apart from the discounted price, what are some of the other reasons you should take advantage of FlagShip third party shipping insurance program? First and foremost, in case of damage to your goods. If you don’t have insurance on the shipment, there is no recourse to any claim for damages. With shipment insurance, you could submit a claim and ultimately receive up to the full value for the shipment, pending an investigation by the insurance company. If you are shipping something of high value or something fragile, it is highly recommended that you purchase additional shipping insurance.

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