Cheap International Shipping Canada

Posted by Tania

Are you a small to medium-sized business located in Canada? Looking for cheap international shipping Canada rates and options? We are your one-stop-shop for your international shipping and export needs! (If you are looking for shipping within Canada only, we do that too – see here!) 

Here at FlagShip, we are proud to be a Canadian company and we love what we do: helping small and medium sized businesses ship anywhere in the world – and take the hassle out of their shipping! 

Discover a completely new way to ship internationally 

Get the best shipping rates, services and support for your shipment destinations outside of Canada. Access cheap international shipping Canada rates at your fingertips! 

SIMPLIFY – Compare discounted shipping rates from leading couriers, all on one convenient screen

SHIP  Send, manage and track shipments online; complete with commercial invoices

SAVE – Receive a savings of up to 70% on your international shipments  

Calculate and compare discounted international courier rates 

Our strong partnerships with leading international couriers like UPS, DHL and FedEx ensure you get the best shipping rates, services and support for your shipment destinations outside of Canada.  Cheap international shipping Canada rates is always available to FlagShip customers.  

  • Ship anywhere – Canada, USA and international 
  • Instantly compare discounted rates on one screen 
  • Easy-to-use online shipping system 
  • One number to call for all of your questions and concerns 
  • Easily print your shipping labels 
  • Email tracking and delivery notifications on every shipment 
  • Save with no pick-up fees 
  • Create your free account in seconds to generate a quote or start shipping!  

Cheap international shipping made easy 

Here are the simple steps to create an international shipment in minutes! 

Step 1 – create your free FlagShip account 

Step 2 – enter your shipping information 

Step 3 – complete the commercial invoice 

Step 4 – choose your shipping discounted shipping rate from UPS, FedEx, DHL 

Step 5 – print your documentation and label 

Step 6 – your chosen courier will pick up your package(s) 

You will be able to track your package through to its destination; PLUS, FlagShip staff is available to answer your call right away!  

Do you have an eCommerce business that ships international? 

We have a full suite of cheap international shipping Canada rates and services for your online store. Shipping goods for your online store is easy with FlagShip. Provide instant, accurate shipping rates to your customers then let your website do the work for you – automatically processing and organizing your shipments. 

  • Easily integrates with your Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart store or use our API for your custom website
  • Fast, accurate and low shipping quotes encourage customers to buy right away
  • Shipments processed instantly and automatically, saving you time on every order

Learn more about our eCommerce integration options. 

Grow your eCommerce business in the U.S. with cheap shipping for small parcels at a fraction of the cost! FlagShip has partnered with DHL to give you unbelievable savings when you bundle 3 or more low-weight packages for delivery to your customers across the U.S. Simply send your bundle to the DHL designated hub, then your individual parcels will be off to their destination where they’ll enter the U.S. postal system for final delivery.  Learn more.  

Finding cheap international shipping Canada rates is easy; FlagShip offers a full suite of shipping solutions. Get an instant quote and see how much you can save on international shipments – try out your free account today. 

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