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Discount Expedited Shipping Rates from Canada to the U.S.

Posted by Charlene Hui

Does your small business require quick, expedited shipping rates from Canada to the U.S.? FlagShip offers incredibly low expedited shipping rates and services from DHL for delivery to the U.S. We also offer discounted rates for FedEx, Purolator, and UPS to provide our customers with a well-rounded, reliable cross-border shipping solutions.

To check out our fantastic expedited shipping rates from Canada into the U.S., just sign-up for a free account or login to your account if you are a FlagShip customer!

FlagShip Tip – Choose expedited service when delivery time matters.

One of the major differences between standard and expedited shipping to the U.S. is the delivery time. In standard shipping, the regular delivery time ranges from two to eight days, while in expedited shipping it is around one day (to major U.S. cities). 

FlagShip is always here to find you more ways to save on your U.S. shipments. The following are the carriers that we partner with, who offer ground services and expedited shipping from Canada to the U.S.:

Ground service to the U.S.:

  • FedEx
  • Purolator Ground U.S.
  • UPS

Expedited service to the U.S.:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS

FlagShip Tip – Look into customer brokerage and product compliance

When exporting shipments from Canada into the U.S., it is important to know when you need a customs broker. Click here to find out more and make sure you make the necessary arrangements before shipping the package. This will make sure that there are no delays for the delivery due to customer clearance. Lastly, make sure that your item is permitted to be shipped. With tightening borders, shipping into the U.S. can be quite complicated. Click here to see the list of prohibited items.

With the addition to our incredibly low rates from DHL, FlagShip has added yet another money saving strategy for your small business shipping. If you are not a FlagShip customer, click here to create a free account – go ahead and give it a try!

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