FlagShip is More Than a Shipping Cost Calculator

Posted by Charlene Hui

A shipping cost calculator is an online tool used to calculate shipping fees for you, sometimes comparing shipping costs between multiple courier companiesAs a small business owner or any new startup, using a shipping cost calculator provides huge advantages – namely saving time and money, which are the two most important ingredients in any business. However, not all shipping cost calculators are created equal – and at FlagShip we are much more than a shipping calculator! Here are factors you should look for in a shipping calculator, and how FlagShip will elevate your experience: 

  • SAVE TIMEA good shipping cost calculator makes quoting and processing shipments easy. By using a cost calculator, you won’t waste time having to go to multiple courier websites, entering all the shipment details, get shipping rates and have to do it all over again just to be able to find the courier who offers the best rate for your shipment. Repeating this process for every parcel you need to send out wastes so much time. FlagShip’s online shipping system is the only shipping cost calculator you need – enter your shipment details and see the shipping rates and services from leading courier companies, like Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS – all in one place, on one screen. Click here to see how it works! 
  • SAVE MONEYWith new startups and small businesses, it is difficult to get any shipping discounts as most courier companies require a substantial shipping volume before you can access better discounts. Make sure the shipping cost calculator you are using is actually saving you money. The benefit of shipping with FlagShip is that you get 15 years of established volume discounts without having to guarantee volume or sign any agreements. There are no weekly service charges, no monthly fees and no yearly subscription renewals. Sign up now and start saving on your shipping today! 
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: What makes a great shipping cost calculator? One that has team behind it that goes above and beyond just providing shipping rates. With FlagShipnot only do you save time and money, you also benefit from the best customer support team available to you and your clients’ inquiries. There is only one phone number to call, one consolidated invoice, live customer support (even after hours!), the latest in technological innovation, 15 years of proven service and FlagShip has been ranked on Canadian Business’s Growth 500 list of the country’s fastest growing companies since 2012. 

It’s not easy to get volume discounts when you are a small or medium sized business. FlagShip works with leading courier companies to negotiate better rates and we pass the savings on to you. Our online shipping system gives you access to these rates and savings all in one place so you can get your shipping done fast and easy.  

Don’t wait – start shipping with FlagShip today. Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@flagshipcompany.com or call us at 1-866-320-8383 if you have any questions.