How to Shrink Wrap a Pallet for Your Freight Shipping

If your business requires freight shipping, it is important to properly package your shipment. Here is our guide on how to properly shrink wrap a pallet.

How to Shrink Wrap a Pallet for Your Freight Shipping

Posted by Tania

If your business requires freight shipping, you know how important it is to properly package your shipment. The most common packaging technique is to shrink wrap your pallet, which helps to secure the goods on a pallet and help prevent damage or loss during distribution. Below is our guide on how to properly shrink wrap a pallet for your freight shipping (we also have a video guide that you can check out!).

Step 1: Prepare the pallet  

Make sure the pallet is sturdy and does not have any loose or splitting boards. Pay close attention and remove any loose nails so they do not puncture your goods. Once you start to stack the goods onto the pallet, make sure to place them as close to each other as possible, leaving no extra room to loosen the shrink wrap. With freight shipping, it is important to place the heavier items at the bottom and lightest on top. 

Step 2: Twist and tie the wrap around one corner 

Stretch out a few feet of shrink wrap, twist it for extra strength and wrap it around one corner of the pallet to securely tie the wrap to the pallet. Make sure to use a good quality shrink wrap to ensure sturdiness. 

Step 3: Begin wrapping from the base 

Start wrapping from the base up, making sure the base is wrapped a few times to secure the shrink wrapThis will prevent the base of the shipment from slipping off. Pull the shrink wrap and make sure the whole shipment is wrapped tightly. 

Step 4: Stretch diagonally over top corners 

Twist the wrap to increase wrap strength and wrap diagonally over the top corners to secure the freight. Once you have finished wrapping, tear the end of the wrap and stick it onto the pallet.  

There you have it – four simple steps to shrink wrap your pallet for your freight shipping. FlagShip’s Logistics Freight department has got you covered for your LTL and FTL shipping needs – no shipment is too big or too small!  

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