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Paperless commercial invoices for your international shipments

Posted by Tania

Paperless commercial invoices for easy, efficient customs clearance.

FlagShip makes it easy to ship, and we have now added one more way we’re simplifying your international shipping! Here is how paperless commercial invoices will help your business when shipping from Canada to any international destination:

Less fuss

Some of your international shipments may require a commercial invoice, but now you no longer need to print and pack a hard copy when you choose FedEx and DHL services.* Create your shipment like you normally would and our online shipping system will generate an electronic version of your commercial invoice. Upon confirmation of your shipment, the invoice is submitted automatically to your selected courier.

*Please note: At this time, a commercial invoice must be printed and attached to UPS shipments made through your FlagShip account.

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More efficient processing

Your digital invoice is sent from our online shipping system directly to FedEx or DHL for immediate processing. You’ll know sooner than ever that your package has cleared customs – that’s some extra peace of mind!


Fewer delays

When the information on your paperless commercial invoice is accurate and accepted, your shipment is pre-cleared before it arrives at the border allowing it to pass through without delay. In the event of an issue, the appropriate person will be notified by customs so the issue can be resolved sooner, often before the shipment reaches customs.


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If you have any questions on your paperless commercial invoices when shipping with FlagShip, feel free to contact our team at or give us a call at 1-866-320-8383 and we will be more than happy to help!