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Easy Tips to Ship Multiple Packages

Posted by Tania

The process to ship multiple packages in one shipment is referred to as multi-package shipping (sometimes multi-piece shipping). Multi-package shipping can save your business time and money by grouping together multiple pieces in one shipment going to the same destination.

Multi-package shipping saves you money and offers convenience: When you ship multiple packages under one shipment to one location, it is more economical then shipping each box individually to that same location. For example, let’s say you have three (3) boxes each sized 10”x10”x10” weighing 10 lbs. It’s less expensive to make one (1) multi-package shipment including all three (3) boxes to the same location than to make three (3) individual shipments to the same location.

TIP: With FlagShip’s online shipping system you can compare discounted rates from Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS – you will see all of the courier rates compared on one screen! Then you can select the best rate and service for your multi-package shipment, process your shipment and print your labels – easy!

If your shipment consists of sending multiple boxes to the same destination, FlagShip has two convenient features to help you save money and time when processing your multi-package shipment.

  1. Convenient, personalized package book feature: Once you login to the FlagShip shipping system you can create a personalized list in your package configuration book of the most common box sizes, weights, part names and description for multiple items that you ship frequently. Let us assume you ship electrical parts. You can give that part a product name, for this example you name this part FLO. You can assign a packaging size for FLO, along with a weight. Then you would add FLO (and all the other parts you ship) in your configuration book. Whenever you are creating a shipment all you do is put the number of boxes you are shipping and from the configuration book you select the name of the product – in this example, FLO – that you are shipping. Saving you time!
  2. Easy input of dimensions and weight: When you are shipping multiple boxes to the same location, you would need to enter the number of packages to ship in the “package section” on the FlagShip online shipping system. You will see at that point the same number of line items appear on the screen as the number of packages you entered. Example, if you entered three (3) boxes to ship then you will see three (3) line items. If your package dimensions and weights are identical then you enter the information on the first line, then simply click the designated icon to auto-populate the information into the following lines. Saving you time and the risk of a human error.

If you are looking to save time and money on your multi-package shipping, sign up for a free account with FlagShip to get started.