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Ways you can track your shipment

Posted by Tania

Once your shipment is out of your hands, it is out of sight but not necessarily out of mind. Many people want the ability to know exactly where their shipment is in-process.

FlagShip offers two tracking functions for your courier shipment.

Email notifications: When creating a shipment on FlagShip’s online shipping system, an email address can be included for the shipper or receiver – or both.  Notifications will be sent to that email as the package moves through the carriers system.  For example, you will receive notifications if there has been a delay, if there is an issue with the address or when the package has been delivered.

Look it up online: If you do not want to receive email updates but still want to know your shipments whereabouts, it can be tracked from FlagShip’s online shipping system.  The first step is to find the shipment in question.  This can be achieved by taking the following steps

– Login to your FlagShip account

– Go to Manage Shipments

– Select Advanced Search,  chose the date (i.e. yesterday, last week, last month),

– Click on Search

– Click on the blue tracking number for the shipment

You will be taken to the carrier’s website where all of the tracking information is located.

If you have any questions about any tracking information, contact FlagShip and not the carriers directly at support@flagshipcompany.com or call us at 1-866-320-8383