What is a Shipping Reseller?

Posted by Tania

A shipping reseller is able to supply end users with shipping services at much better rates than they are able to receive on their own. Like any other kind of buying group – think insurance or printing services as an example – the accumulated volume of all their clients enables the “parent” account to provide the original supplier with sufficient volume of business to justify the greatly discounted rates. In turn, the “parent” is then able to resell these rates to the end users at much lower rates than they would be able to get direct from the original supplier on their own.

For any small or medium sized business who ships less than 20 times per week, the rates you will be able to get from a shipping reseller will almost certainty be more competitive than the rates you can get on your own. It’s nothing personal on the part of the couriers; it’s simply due to the volume that you are able to offer to them.

This is where FlagShip can help you! We are an authorized reseller of respected brand name couriers such as Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS. This means we can pass significant volume discount to our clients. Learn more on how to save on your small business shipping.

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