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What is the best way to ship overseas?

Posted by Tania

If you are a business that ships from Canada to international destinations, you may ask, what is the best way to ship overseas?  Defining what is the best shipping service for your business comes down to many factors; a few of the main considerations may be shipping cost, shipping services available and the reliability of your shipping partner. At FlagShip we take your shipping needs seriously and you can trust us to consistently deliver on:

  • Discounted courier rates on every international shipment – save time and money on business shipments.
  • A variety of services to choose from – we provide a mix of shipping services that meet your delivery time and price point.
  • Being reliable – as one of the GROWTH 500 fastest growing companies and a leading player in Canada’s shipping industry, we are a company you can trust.

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How can we help you ship overseas? Whether you have to ship a document, a package or a large shipment overseas, there are many things to think of before starting the shipping process. Below are some tips to make your next overseas shipment successful and seamless.

  1. A commercial invoice is always required for an international shipment. A commercial invoice provides all of the product details for the custom broker. When you process a shipment with FlagShip’s online shipping system you can complete a commercial invoice directly through the system in addition to your shipping labels. It is important to input as much product information on your commercial invoice to ensure a seamless shipment.
  2. If your overseas shipment is a return, make sure to state the reason for the return on your commercial invoice. This is very important for taxes and duties.
  3. Note that regulations by country may vary and for this reason taxes and duties may vary. In some countries, the value is based on the value of the product plus the shipping cost. Different regulations may apply when shipping to Amazon and shipping high value shipments.
  4. Keep shipment values low. High value shipments are more susceptible to being stopped and inspected at customs. To avoid potential issues it is recommended to divide up one large shipment into multiple smaller shipments so the value per shipment remains lower.
  5. If you are shipping a document, use a Courier Letter packaging and indicate ‘business documents’ in the description. In this case, the commercial invoice will not be required.
  6. No medication, whether prescription or over the counter, are allowed to be exported or imported. Also certain items such as unaccompanied personal goods need special forms and anything that touches the mouth can be stopped and inspecting by the FDA.
  7. Knowing when a customs broker is required. View the PDF to reference customs clearance options and information.

If you have any questions for your overseas shipment you can contact us at 1-866-320-8383 or at support@flagshipcompany.com.