Cross-Border Shipping for Canadian Businesses – Tips to Save Money & Time!

Planning to expand your business to the US market? Cross-border shipping can feel like a hurdle. But fear not, Canadian Small Businesses! This blog equips you with essential tips and introduces FlagShip’s smooth and cost-effective cross-border shipping solutions that gets your products to your US customers Faster.

Cross-Border Shipping for Canadian Businesses – Tips to Save Money & Time!

Posted by Tania

In today’s globalized world, reaching new customers beyond your borders is essential for business growth. FlagShip makes this process seamless with a comprehensive cross-border shipping solution. Canadian businesses of all sizes can unlock a world of opportunity, with FlagShip’s competitive rates on courier delivery services and logistics freight services streamlining the journey between Canada and the US. Don’t let borders hold you back – FlagShip has the key to unlock explosive growth.

Whether you are sending an envelope, a parcel, or a multi-piece shipment, you’ll always benefit from discounted courier rates (save up to 70%!), a seamless online shipping experience, and superior customer support from origin to delivery with FlagShip. We make cross-border shipping easy and affordable for your business!

Your Trusted Partner For Cross-Border Shipments

We have been helping Canadian businesses ship from Canada to the US since 2005. Our strong partnerships with leading Canada to US couriers like DHL, FedEx, Purolator, and UPS ensure you get the best cross-border shipping rates, services, and support for your US-bound shipments. Plus, there is more, with your free FlagShip account, you can compare discounted cross-border shipping rates from leading couriers, all in one place.
At FlagShip, our dedicated team can facilitate all your Canada to U.S. shipping needs. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

  • Our simple and intuitive online shipping system provides a unique rate shopping screen experience, listing discounted courier rates and services, and you select your preferred choice!
  • Commercial invoice process is done online, within our shipping experience.
  • Live support available to explain the regulations for cross-border shipments
  • Assisting with customs procedures
Discounted Rates On Cross-Border Shipping
Discounted Rates On Cross-Border Shipping

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Discounted Rates On Cross-Border Shipping

The FlagShip team is here to help Canadian small businesses like yours conquer cross-border shipping! Our team negotiates the best shipping rates with our network of reliable carriers we trust. That means you get the best bang for your buck on every cross-border shipment you make. Plus, our FlagShip user-friendly online shipping system is like your own personal shipping command center: compare discounted rates and service options in real-time on one screen, find the perfect balance between speed, cost, and tracking needs for each shipment.

FlagShip’s Cross-Border Shipping Advantage

FlagShip provides a diverse range of flexible delivery options and exclusive discounted courier rates uniquely tailored to meet the shipping needs of Canadian small businesses. With us, your product’s cross-border journey is guaranteed to be smooth and cost-effective. Below are a few advantages that make FlagShip the best choice for cross-border shipping:

  • Discounted courier rates: Save up to 70% on your shipping. We work closely with leading courier companies to get volume discounts that before were only available to large, high-volume shippers. We take those savings and pass them on to you … so you can save money on your shipping too.
  • Extensive service selection: We offer a comprehensive range of expedited, express, and economical ground options to fit your specific needs and budget. Whether you require lightning-fast delivery or a more cost-conscious approach, with FlagShip you can find the best shipping solution.
  • Easy-to-use online shipping system helps you complete your shipping activities from start to finish. It’s secure. It’s easy to access from anywhere. And there’s no software to download. See how it works.
  • Paperless commercial invoice: with paperless commercial invoices, your businesses can experience a streamlined customs clearance process, faster processing times, and reduced delays. Learn more.
  • Real-time tracking: Gain peace of mind with 24/7 access to shipment tracking. Monitor your package’s progress every step of the way, from origin to destination.
  • Tips on shipping to the US: our team is always providing tips on how to seamlessly ship to the US without delays. Read our blog on Items You Are Not Allowed To Ship Into The USA From Canada (
  • Customs clearance expertise: FlagShip’s team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of international customs regulations. We are just an email or phone call away to help provide tips for your shipment to navigate customs smoothly, avoiding delays and unnecessary complications.

Range Of Services Available For Cross-Border Shipments

FlagShip offers a variety of services through four trusted couriers namely FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Purolator to help you get your packages across the border quickly and efficiently. Below is a chart that provides a quick overview of the services available for Ground and Express deliveries on your cross-border shipments.

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Efficient Cross-Border Freight Shipping Services

At FlagShip, we understand that sometimes your shipment might be too large to travel via courier, which is why we offer Freight LTL and FTL cross-border services for Canadian small businesses. At FlagShip, we believe no shipment is too big or too small.

  • Cross border shipping into and from USA
  • In-house insurance on cross border shipments at discounted rates
  • More than 20,000 carriers for freight
  • Full comprehensive freight service for your cross-border shipment from preparation of bill of lading to shipment tracking.
  • Logistics experts just a call away – we provide Canadian small businesses with peace-of-mind. Contact our logistics support now.

ECommerce solutions for US-bound shipments

Do you have an eCommerce business that ships products to the US? No matter what platform your eCommerce website is built on, it’s easy to connect it to your FREE FlagShip account using one of the eCommerce shipping integrations. They are easy to install and configure with your preferences, and once you’re connected you can upload shipping data from each customer transaction to the FlagShip online shipping system.
Learn more about our eCommerce shipping solutions.

How it works for cross-border shipments

Instead of accepting expensive shipping charges, let FlagShip help you find the cheapest cross-border shipping rates from Canada to the US. Don’t have an account – get one now, for free.
Here is how it works:

  • Set up your shipment details.
  • Compare discounted rates on one screen.
  • Choose your preferred service.
  • Approve and confirm your shipment.
  • The courier picks up your parcel.
  • Track your shipments and manage your accounts.

To learn more about shipping from Canada to the US here is a more in-depth guide on how you can ship from Canada to the United States. If you have any questions on cross-border shipping our customer support team is always available to assist you via email at or by phone at 1-866-320-8383.