Discounted Shipping Rates for Import Shipments

Posted by Tania

Did you know that discount shipping rates apply to shipments originating outside of Canada as well? You can initiate import shipments from any point of origin for import into Canada with just a few clicks using FlagShip’s online shipping system.

Whether you are importing an envelope, a small parcel or a multi-piece shipment, you’ll always get our discounted courier rates, seamless online shipping experience and superior customer service. We make it easy for you to ship anywhere in the world.

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How to process an import shipment with FlagShip

For FlagShip customers, processing international import shipments are easy! Login to your FlagShip account and go to the ‘new shipment’ screen. In the ‘Shipper’ section choose the country that you want to ship to.

The next step is to complete the rest of the address information. Any shipment entering Canada requires export documents. To create a commercial invoice on the FlagShip online shipping system, the following information is needed:

  • Who will pay the duties/taxes
  • The reason for export
  • A detailed description of the product
  • The value (CAD or USD)
  • The country of origin
  • The HS code must be provided to ensure there are no issues. ( Our FlagShip online system has a  tool on the commercial invoice that can provide you with the proper code)

*All FlagShip Customers have exclusive access to FlagShip experts for guidance on  more information on completing the commercial invoice on our website. Call our experts on  (1-866-320-8383) anytime during your shipping process.

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