Import Shipping: Get Discounted Rates & Instant Import Quote Today!

Level up your import shipping with FlagShip’s cost-effective solutions for Canadian businesses. This guide highlights how easy it is to use FlagShip for your import shipments too: discounted courier rates, a streamlined online platform, and expert support to simplify international sourcing. Learn more.

Import Shipping: Get Discounted Rates & Instant Import Quote Today!

Posted by Tania

Attention Canadian Importers! In today’s globalized market, expanding your product selection, improving quality, or staying competitive often means sourcing products internationally. But for Canadian businesses, import shipping can seem complex and expensive. Enjoy significant savings on import shipping and a seamless experience with FlagShip.

FlagShip offers a reliable and affordable shipping solution specifically designed to streamline your import shipping process. We take the worry out of import shipping with:

  • Discounted Courier Rates: Save up to 70% compared to standard courier rates, boosting your bottom line.
  • Seamless Online Platform: Manage your imports effortlessly from a user-friendly online shipping system.
  • Instant Quotes: Get instant quotes in just a few clicks, allowing you to compare rates and make informed decisions.
  • Expert Support: Our dedicated customer service team is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

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Save Big on Imports with FlagShip’s Discounted Rates

Did you know you can benefit from discounted shipping rates even when importing goods from outside Canada? FlagShip’s online shipping system allows you to initiate import shipments from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Whether you’re importing envelopes, small parcels, or multi-piece shipments, you’ll always enjoy the following benefits:


-Compare discounted international shipping rates from leading couriers, all in one place
-Easily print your shipping labels
-Consolidate all your shipping activities onto one invoice


-Send and manage shipments to different destinations
-Receive email tracking and delivery notifications on every shipment
-Get additional insurance coverage at $1.25/$100


-Pay less on every shipment by choosing the rates and services that are right for you
-Save with no pick-up fees

Getting an Instant Quote for Your Import Shipping Needs

Obtaining a quote for your import shipment is quick and easy with FlagShip. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Free Account (No Obligation): Sign up for a free FlagShip account in seconds to generate instant quotes or start shipping right away!
  2. Start a New Shipment: Use the familiar “new shipment” screen within the online system.

    Starting A New Import Shipment
    Starting A New Import Shipment
  3. Specify Import Details: In the “Shipper” section, select the country your shipment originates from (outside of Canada). Complete the remaining address information for both the shipper and receiver.
  4. Generate Your Quote: FlagShip’s system automatically calculates rates based on your shipment details, providing you with competitive options from our network of couriers.

Essential Information for a Smooth Import Process

For shipments entering Canada, you’ll need the following information to complete your electronic commercial invoice:

  • Who will pay the duties/taxes
  • The reason for export
  • A detailed description of the product
  • The value (CAD or USD)
  • The country of origin
  • The HS code must be provided to ensure there are no issues. Learn more about HS codes.

    Import Shipment Https://

All FlagShip Customers have exclusive access to FlagShip experts for guidance on more information on completing the commercial invoice on our website. Call our experts on (1-866-320-8383) anytime during your shipping process.

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