Shipping from Vancouver to Toronto

Posted by Charlene Hui

If your business needs to send a package – or multiple packages – from Vancouver to Toronto, you may have some questions about your shipping options. Regardless if you are a small business shipping your products across Canada, or sending a gift to valued partnerthe process can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what to do or where to begin 

Let FlagShip help. We make shipping your packages simple, all the while, saving you up to 70% on your shipping. Our online shipping system can make all your shipping activities easier, which means you spend less time on shipping and more time on other important business activities 

Shipping your packages can be done in a few simple steps. Start by opening a FlagShip account. Right when you create an account you can put in your shipment details to generate a quote. The quote generated will allow you to compare discounted rates and service options from Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLSYou choose the courier and service, and in a couple clicks your shipment from Vancouver to Toronto will be ready to process! Learn more. 

Here are some questions you may have, and if you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact our team at or toll-free at 1-866-320-8383. 

How long does it take to send a shipment from Vancouver to Toronto? 

Ground delivery from Vancouver to Toronto usually takes 3-5 business days, while using Express services will get your shipment to your recipient the next business day. Occasionally, mechanical problems, poor weather and holidays can delay parcels. For the most accurate delivery time, you can create a free account with FlagShip for an instant quote and shipping delivery timeframe. 

What services are available if I am shipping from Vancouver to Toronto? 

Most major couriers offer shipping services from Vancouver to Toronto, with the option of ground shipping and express shipping. Even better news, with FlagShip you can compare discounted courier rates from Purolator, UPS, FedEx and Canpar*, choose the service you want and process your shipment all in one place!   

*Canpar offers only Ground service 

What is the advantage of using a courier reseller when shipping from Vancouver to Toronto? 

For any small or medium sized business who doesn’t ship in big volume, the rates you will be able to get from a shipping reseller will almost certainly be more competitive than the rates you can get on your own going direct to a main carrier. It’s nothing personal on the part of the couriers; it’s simply due to the volume of shipments.  

This is where FlagShip can help you! We are an authorized reseller of Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS providing significant volume discounts to our customers shipping from Vancouver to Toronto; or shipping to anywhere in the world! 

What are the advantages of using FlagShip’s online shipping solution?

  • SAVE TIME: don’t waste time going to multiple courier websites, entering all the shipment details, getting shipping rates and doing it all over again just to be able to find the courier who offers the best rate for your shipment. Repeating this process for every parcel you need to send out wastes so much time. With FlagShip’s online shipping system, simply enter your shipment details and see the shipping rates and services from leading courier companies, like Purolator, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canpar and GLS – all in one place, on one screen. Click here to see how it works!
  • SAVE MONEY: The benefit of shipping with FlagShip is that you get 15 years of established volume discounts without having to guarantee volume or sign any agreements. There are no weekly service charges, no monthly fees and no yearly subscription renewals. Sign up now and start saving on your shipping today! 
  • BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT: With FlagShip, not only do you save time and money, you also benefit from the best customer support team available to you and your clients’ inquiries. There is only one phone number to call, one consolidated invoice, and live customer support (even after hours!). 
We are here to make shipping as easy and affordable as possible. If you have any questions on shipping from Vancouver to Torontodon’t hesitate to contact our team at or give us a call at 1-866-320-8383.