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Skid vs. pallet – what is the difference?

Posted by Tania

If you are planning a freight shipment, there are factors to consider based on what you are shipping and the materials you have available. To start preparing your freight shipment, you may ask yourself what is the difference between a skid shipment and a pallet shipment? Let us help compare skid vs. pallet for you:

A skid:

  • No bottom deck which helps reduce shipping costs
  • It is easier to drag
  • It is very mobile

A pallet:

  • Popular option for shipping in bulk
  • Usual dimensions is 48” x 40”
  • Can carry up to 1000 kg
  • The platform makes it easier to move by forklift
  • Bottom deck helps with stacking

In today’s world of freight, both terms are used interchangeably, and with FlagShip the good (and simple!) news is that we do not charge our clients for the above differences; whether you send a skid or a pallet, we charge the same cost.  The decision you make on using a skid vs. a pallet should come down to what works best for your company based on the differences noted above, as pricing with FlagShip is not a factor.

Here is some additional information to get you more familiarize with skid and pallet shipping:

How do I get a Freight quote for my skid and / or pallet shipment? Getting a freight quote for your skid shipments can be simple. Just like we can help you save time and money for your smaller shipments going by shipping carriers like Purolator, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canpar and GLS, we can help you with your palletized shipments. When your shipment is too large to travel via courier, FlagShip’s Freight LTL services can arrange for less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) skid shipments. No shipment is too big or too small – and we cover all of Canada and the United States. With over 20,000 carriers for freight services and options like rail, expedited truck shipments, and overseas freight – we’ve got the solution for you. Don’t have a FlagShip account yet, click here to create one for free.

How do I to properly wrap my freight shipment? Now that you know the difference between a skid and a pallet, do you know how to properly package your shipment?  The most common packaging technique is to shrink wrap your pallet, which helps to secure the goods on a pallet and help prevent damage or loss during distribution. Read our blog on how to properly shrink wrap a pallet for your freight shipping (we also have a video guide that you can check out!).

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