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What Are LTL Accessorial Charges?

Posted by Charlene Hui

If your small business requires LTL and FTL freight shipping, you have most probably heard the term accessorial charge. What exactly does it mean when you are shipping skids? FlagShip’s Logistics Division has put together a list of the most common LTL accessorial charges and their meanings to make sure shipping is easy for your larger shipments.

An accessorial charge is a fee added to a freight cost for any additional service that a carrier provides in order to make a standard delivery and/or pickup. They usually occur with LTL shipments and we always make sure to include these charges during the quoting process when we are made aware of them. Here are the most common accessorial charges:

  • Tailgate – this is to be used when there is no dock available. It is the only way to get the skid(s) off the truck
  • Residential – when the shipment is being delivered to an area consisting mainly of homes – and/or delivering to an actual residence
  • Appointment – this means that a strict time is needed and /or for residential deliveries where the carrier calls ahead to make sure there will be someone to receive the shipment
  • Curb Side – for residential only! Shipments will not be delivered into garages nor basements. Shipments are made at the end of the driveway
  • Inside Pickup and/or Delivery – this is only required if the driver must physically go into the building and/or up an elevator (into an office, for example). If the driver simply enters the warehouse, this is not considered an inside pickup and/or delivery
  • Weekend Pickup/Delivery – any delivery after 5:00 p.m. on Friday until Sunday night. Note that there are extra charges for after hours during the weekdays as well
  • Show Freight – this is specifically for clients who are delivering directly to a convention center and/or hotel for an actual show (ex. Tradeshow)
  • Limited Access Pickup/Delivery – this is usually for construction sites, schools, hospitals – any location that is limited to certain size trucks and/or equipment.

These charges are sometimes applied after the shipment has been completed which makes it extremely difficult to know final shipping costs beforehand. However, whenever we are aware of any potential accessorial charges, we always make sure to advise our customer beforehand. Along with the sender’s due diligence on providing as much shipment information as possible, it can help avoid any unnecessary or unprecedented charges.

We hope this list helps clear any worries you may have on LTL accessorial charges. Need shipping insurance for these shipments? We’ve got you covered for that too! At FlagShip, no shipment is too big or too small so do not hesitate to contact our Logistics Division if you have any questions on moving your LTL and FTL skid shipments in Canada, US and overseas.

To contact our Logistics team, simply e-mail us at dispatch@flagshipcompany.com or give us a call at 1-866-320-8383.